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Weekends Just Got bigger.

Thrill, adventure, luxury – that how you start the end of the week. With an exciting line-up of Audi cars at some of the best driving locations in the country, the Audi Weekender is the opportunity for you to experience the joy of touring. All this in the company of Audi performance cars, the entire Audi ‘Q’ Range, Audi A Range and a group of like-minded thrill seekers.

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Experience the true elements of off-roading.

Tarmac is for everyone else. The Audi Q Drive is all about enjoying the legendary Quattro capabilities of the Audi Q range in a specially curated off-road track. Experience the true elements of off-roading as you maneuvers hill climbs, hill descends, slush, rumblers, axle twister, and tilt angles - all under the supervision of experts.

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Customer Stories

  • Well-organised. Great hospitality. We directly interacted with Mr. Sunil Pai while he personally took care of the guests.

    - Niraj Kumar Sinha

  • Well-organised party. We enjoyed the events and the food was delicious. Thank-you for the kind hospitality.

    - Kishore Babu A.R.

  • It was arranged perfectly with good coordination between the teams. My speed run with the S5 was awesome on their perfect Q Drive tracks.

    - Minesh Patel

  • "Very good experience"

    - Hemant Parekh

  • It was a good experience. Can we arrange a test drive elsewhere?

    - Hiren Kanani

  • After the sun is set, dinner by the beach with friends and family has always been a pleasant experience. Audi Club India at its best!

    - Hemil Doshi

  • Well organised party . All of us enjoyed the events n food was very delicious. Thanks for the kind hospitality extended by Mr. Pai

    - Kishore Babu A.R.

  • It was perfectly arranged, nice communication by the team. They made perfect Q drive tracks and speed run with S5 was awesome. AADITYA 5*

    - Minesh Patel

  • Organised very well. Hospitality was great. Direct interaction with Mr Sunil Pai and he personally took great care of the guests. Photo event was great

    - Niraj Kumar Sinha

  • Well organised event..

    - Nishanth Kumar

  • It was worth to attend this event and truly appreciate efforts by Audi team to interact with us.

    - Nitin Arora

  • It was fabulous and well managed thank you Audi

    - Piyush Pandey

  • Nice feel. Proud to be a part of this club. Expecting more as compared to others

    - Rajesh Patil

  • Audi club India rocks

    - Rajesh Patil

  • Keep it up!

    - Sandeep Vig

  • very good experience

    - Sandipkumar Shah

  • It was an eye opener. Could not have imagined the limits to which I can take my Q3.

    - Sanjay Goel